Athens Democracy Awards

In the years 2018 to 2021, Elena Votsi had the honor to design the Democracy Award, established by the Municipality of Athens and awarded during the Athens Democracy forum, organized by the editors of the New York Times and the newspaper “Kathimerini”.

Here, we have the “multitude”. The citizens, the “Demos”. United, strong, ready to fight for anything worthy, for anything great. Man once again finds himself at the epicenter. Breaking any bonds, collaborating, fighting, rallying, growing stronger. There are no protagonists, there are no distinctions, everyone is equal before the law, values, opportunities, rights. Voices are united. They are strong. They express the power of a united force. They transcend borders, differences, prejudices. Here, the word DEMOCRACY, written in Greek characters, reminds us that the Greek language created and bestowed upon humanity, among other things, words such as DEMOCRACY and PHILOSOPHY.

The map (as it appears in modern guides that visitors hold in their hands) focuses on the ancient Agora, where it all began. The birthplace of Democracy. And from this spot, through the “roads” delineated, Democracy and its values spread, travelled to the rest of the world. From the center of the Democracy, they spilled out through the streets that begin from the ancient Agora and were then transmitted to the rest of the world. On this side of the medal, history, the past, the birth of Democracy, merge with the present, with the modern map, with the visitors, with the schools, with the thousands of admirers of Athens who arrive at this very spot to learn, to remember, to admire…


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